Why do you need another blog?

Don’t Bang Your Head.

The name came to me as I listened to friends and family get increasingly frustrated when dealing with technology. We have witnessed a paradigm shift in how we work and play but it seems that the advances are happening faster than we can keep up with. And the confusion just seems to keep growing.

What is the Cloud, is it safe and why do I care? Do I need social media, should I be on   Facebook, LinkedIn, should I be tweeting and what on earth is Pinterest? How do I get all those photos out of my phone and what can I use to make my business/organization work smarter without spending more money?

What is….? How do I….? Why should I……? Can I throw my….. out of the window?

Sound familiar?

Don’t Bang Your Head will attempt to make sense of everyday technology, to answer the questions that perplex and frustrate us and introduce you to new ideas, tools and gadgets. I admit to being a technofile: I love all things tech and am excited to share my passion with any one who follows this blog.

Let’s open a conversation. Send me your questions to hoffman.marcy@gmail.com, add your comments to the articles that interest you and let’s remember to have some fun.

And please, when you get frustrated, send a question but please don’t bang your head!

Who am I?

I fell in love with technology over 10 years when I got involved with my first start-up after having operated a successful commercial design company for over two decades. I currently serve as a consultant to a number of established and emerging companies, advising them on their go-to-market strategies. I am an entrepreneur at heart, having worked with a number of start-ups over the past decade and am excited to be involved with a new one that will stay quiet for now.

I love to write and serve the editor for InfoStreet’s Small Business Blog and have had articles published recently in eWeek, Computing Now and Brilliant Results. I sit on the Boards at the Jewish Woman’s FoundationKesher LD and ask anyone who is reading this far down to support your local food bank.


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